Why should we get a scoreboard?

Firstly, it will also eliminate anyone turning up to the game asking “whats the score?” or “Who’s winning?”.
Its an affordable way to make a more fun public viewing experience.
Also they look Great! Don’t take our word for it check out our Testimonials page.

How do the scoreboards work?

All our scoreboards are user controlled. Allowing a club representative or anyone the club would like to keep score of the game. Using the chosen ‘Control Method’.

Rugby and football scoreboards

Rugby and Football scoreboards can have timers. Which will stop and start at half time.

Rugby without timer

Football with timer

Cricket scoreboards

Standard cricket scoreboard is a complete unit just plugin and go.

One customer requested individual boxes to go into and existing score shed.

Standard style

Custom individual boxes


  • Key Fob – Range up to 60m – FREE standard supplied
  • Radio Transmitter – Range up to 1000m +  £40
  • Wired – Range up to 100m + £70
  • Mobile Phone Bluetooth app – Range up to 25m + £70
Key fobs

Radio Transmitter

Wired box

Screenshot of app


  • 10 inch digit – FREE standard supplied
  • 12 inch digit + £15 per digit
10 inch

12 inch



  • Mains power – FREE standard supplied
  • Battery power + £75

Mains – You can just plug-in to a mains socket or extension lead.

Battery – The scoreboards can be adapted to run off a car battery. Battery will not be supplied.


  • Your logo or text vinyl applied on to face of box + £75

Fixing method

Key hole plates

LED colours

Lets available in four in four colours White, Amber, Red, Green

Different colour LEDS


We will deliver the scoreboards all over the UK. Standard Delivery £70.

You can collect for free or we can arrange a halfway meet for a bit of petrol money.